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I write songs. I do it all the time. I just wrote a song right now, while I was typing this. Unfortunately, it was a pretty terrible song and doesn't bear talking about. But, occasionally, I write pretty awesome songs. And even more rarely, I write songs that people get really excited about. Songs that Get Set Go (my band) fans and our friends will reach out to me via Facebook and Twitter and say, "Hey man! I like that song!" (Yeah, our fans are people of little words.) And for me, that is quite possibly the best feeling in the world. I like feeling that feeling. More than anything. So I'm gonna write more songs. I hope to write thousands of excellent, engaging, catchy, and clever songs over my lifetime. By pledging to support me on Bandcamp, you become a very important part of that process. In fact, and I'm not certain of the legalities of this, but, in my mind, you become my boss, my muse, my reason for existing, and, as demonstrated before, my drug dealer. The drug you're dealing is that electric, tingling, wonderful feeling I get every time I write a new song. So, if you'd like to deal drugs without any significant legal ramifications, please consider supporting my attempt to write so many songs that I become akin to the Simpsons. You know, every time another songwriter tries to write something original, I'll be there, with a song already about that idea, subject, topic or joke.

Oh, and please support those folk that have supported me in the past.

Grey's Anatomy

Night Attack


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