Here Be Dragons

by Get Set Go

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released December 19, 2014

Written, performed, engineered, mixed, and mastered by Mike TV.
Artwork by Lyn Sweet.

Special thanks to the people that help make this music possible. My patrons. I love them all.

Joel Migas, Tim & Micci Klapuch, Heidi Nelson & Curtis Reddoor, Bryan McConnell.

Matthew Widjaja, Branden Smith, Bill Weitze, Jordan White, James Sledge, Tom Merritt, James Thatcher.

Stephen Slusz, James Slinger, MartyCulbert, James Kosmicki, Bret Brizzee, B. L., Brandt Hughes, Sean O'Connor, Bradley Kibota, Patrick Wolfe, RandomComplexity, Sebastian Gonzalez, John Wilganowski, M Elizabeth Eller, Snuffles, Abram Ruiz, jamey lewis, Daniel Mead, Martin Blacker, Nels, Everett Junco, Stefanie Sherwood, Amy Elizabeth, George Brown, Dennis Owens, narferman, Jared, Roy Hemrich, Shiftlock, James Patton, Kaevo Konrad, Nick, Patrick Kohn, Clare, Jonathan Petchni, Greg Beauregard, michael cleland, Pat Woodiwiss, Aaron Garrett, Julie Weiss, Zak Holder, Tim Biggs, Frank Sheehan, Rick Vegas, Michael Jacobs, Joseph Krulewicz, Jason Freshwater, Jo Elste, Gary Swinsburg, Aaron, Lucas Verheij, Scott Shaffer, Jonah Lee Walker

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Track Name: Congress Of Impulses
I have no control over myself.

I'm the Speaker in a Congress of impulses.
I'm the Speaker in a Congress of drives.
I'm the Speaker in a Congress of proclivities.
I'm the Speaker in a Congress of appetites.

I have no control over myself.

The floor recognizes Congressmen Alcohol,
and Congressman Cocaine,
and Congressman Fuck-It-All,
and Congressman Selfishness,
and Congressman Helplessness,
you have the floor.

The floor recognizes each and every impulse,
each and every single one.
And it's impossible to get anything done.

I have no control over myself.

I'm the Speaker in a Congress of impulses.
I'm the Speaker in a Congress of desires.
I'm the Speaker in a Congress of urges.
I'm the Speaker in a Congress of appetites.

I have no control over myself.
Track Name: Here Be Dragons
Let's steal a car, let's pick a very fast one
And let's drive it hard, let us find the edges of the map, my dear
And let's get outta here.

Let's grab a spoon
and tunnel to the center of the earth we knew
The one we used to dream of
Oh, the world that we
always knew could be.

Oh, let us go. Come with me.

And when we stop,
we'll look around and we'll say,
"Here be dragons."
And in that place we'll make a home,
and we'll be, oh we'll be married.
And when the world comes crashing in,
and you are so very
I'll simply point outside and smile,
and remind you,
"Here be dragons."

Let's take some sheets
and fashion a balloon that we can fill with heat
And rise up to the moon
where we will sit pretty,
underneath the stars.

Let's lash some logs together
for a raft and we will sail the seas,
negotiating crashing waves,
just you and me,
together til the end.

Oh, this is now. And that was then.


Let's go by train,
the clicking and the clacking, like a soothing rain,
washing all our woes away,
and every mile,
leads to somewhere new.

Let's stay right here,
underneath the covers,
let me love you, dear
Let me be your lover,
let me hold on tight and never let go.

Oh-oh. Oh-oh. Never let go.



Chord Chart :)

Capo 5th fret

G Em C verse

G D C turn

Em Am C G chorus
Track Name: Volcanos
Surrender your body.
Surrender your body, baby,
Oh, I hope you really wanna.

I will love you, til the death of time.

I wanna make you tremble, love
Set the tips of your body on fire, desire
makes up every molecule of me, my love,
a burning thirst is what I am made of.
I wanna drink you down and eat you up.

And when you come with me
The places, oh, that we will go.
We will venture to the peaks and then
We'll head below.
We will be volcanos of molten, fiery love.
We will be volcanos of molten, fiery love.
And I'm gonna love you
Til the death of time.
Track Name: Everybody's Working (Singalong!)
Everybody's working, everybody needs to toil
Oh we're working so much harder than we did the year before.
And we work so goddamn hard for so very little pay.
And we work, and we toil, everyday.

Everyone's unhappy, everybody is upset.
And the days they get away from us, we haven't made it yet.
And we know that there's no end it sight, this is our everyday
And we work, and we toil, and pay.

Slow it down.
Take it slow.
Let's turn on the radio again.
And let's sit and listen to
The song that we love, oh, the songs we sing along to.

Work, it makes us cynical, and bitter angry folk.
This must be some sort of universal cosmic joke.
But we know the bills, they must be paid and so we slave away.

Everybody's working, everybody needs to toil
Oh we're working so much harder than we did the year before.
And we work so goddamn hard for so very little pay.
And we work, and we toil, and we slave.
Track Name: Never Go Home
Shootin' whiskey, come on kiss me
Let me feel the flesh of your inner thigh
I'm too drunk to drive.

Come on, lover, pour another
Break out your guitar and let's sing some songs
'Til the whiskey's gone.

We can never go home.

Beer and whiskey make me frisky
Fantasizing about 'bout the girls I used to know
Where did they go?

Been on my own some, feeling lonesome
Putting back a twelve pack ever night
Damn, I need a light.

We can never go home.

Climbing in my ride and I
have to close one eye to drive.
I pray to god
I make it back alive.

We can never go home.

Worn with dating, masturbating
Feeling like my time is already up.
Yeah, I've had enough.

So come on, lover, pour another
Break out your guitar and let's sing some songs
'Til the whiskey's gone.
Track Name: In Pursuit Of The Perfect Song
When I was a little boy I used to sit and ponder
But now that I'm a full grown man, I'm simply left to wonder
Where did all the time go
It's passing with a flash
And soon enough I'll return to ash.

All my life I've wanted nothing more than to make beauty
To conjure from the ether something that was passing through me
Something that is wonderful
And full of joyful song
'Cause sooner than later I'll be gone.

I wanna write, the perfect song
A melody that never goes wrong.
A chorus
filled with triumph
And a bridge that fills the heart with longing.
A song
that everyone will sing.

So I try, with every song, to write something of wonder.
And even though I've struggled so, I haven't yet gone under.
And every song I put to pen
Just might be that song.
A song to which, you might singalong.

And here's the part
Where I fall apart
I don't know what to do.

Every song, I seem to write
Seems to pass right through you.

I wanna write song that just can't be ignored
Ever more.
Track Name: Bizarro World
Twenty little kids executed by some crazed gunman
Three thousand pederast priests touching little boys.

I'm in Bizarro World.

One percent control half the world's money
While 842 million people need food.

I'm in Bizarro World.

If you're up there, can you help us, Superman?

Three-quarters of the planet's covered in water
But somehow there's not enough water to go around.

I'm in Bizarro World

Superman, if you're up there, set us free.
Superman, are you there?
Superman, hear our prayers.
Superman, help us now.
Superman, don't let us down.

There go the polar caps, I hope you got a chance to meet them.
They seemed pretty cool, it's too bad they had to go.

I'm in Bizarro World.

Money, money, money, money, money, money.
Money, money, money, money, money, moh-nay!
Track Name: Katy, Oh Katy
Katy, oh Katy
It seems impossible to me
That you have slipped
through so many

I'll hold on tightly
Like a drowning man
who's lost at sea
and knows that he will
never reach the shore

Yes, I know you're beautiful
You're lovely like a song
I adore the kindness in your eyes.

But I know behind that pale blue
There is hurt and heartache too
So many little wounds that you disguise

So lay your heavy heart near mine.
Let me feel it beating in your breast
Lay your heavy heart near mine
Can you hear it's pounding rythmn in my chest?

Katy, oh Katy
Suddenly the world now seems
smaller than it ever did before.

Locked in the bedroom,
My mind's on fire with thoughts of you
My body aches and gives off electric sparks

You make me quite wondeful
Brimming with wonder
You were not meant for this world.

You are fucking awesome, love
In the most literal sense
You fill me with awe, my girl

So let us love again
Let our love never end.

Chord Chart

capo 2nd fret

em, c, em, c,
em, c, g, d
em, c, g, d

c, g, d, am

g, d, c bridge
Track Name: Ready For War
If every time you try, oh, they say that you fail.
And when you get some speed, oh, you get derailed
If you stand up . They knock. you. down.
And if you had the fire but the flame burnt out, well
Sugar, don't you know we will never give up
The things that don't kill us only toughen us up. And so you go
Go. Go. And you gird your loins.
Ready the attack, push 'em back . Destroy.

And when they come to defy us
And when they think they can try us
We'll shoot them down. Those bastards, they'll see.
We'll light them up like a Christmas tree.

Let's get ready for war.
Let's go over the top.
Let's get ready for war.
And we're never ever gonna stop.

If everything's a struggle, if everything's a pain
If you're almost always losing so much more than you gain
Then just stop, just stop, looking for an out
And get your self worked up, get ready for a bout, see
Brother, we're not going down without a fight
Even if we have to set the world on fire
Up, up hoist your petards
Let's get ready to sound the charge.
Track Name: My Neighbor's Dog
I want to kill my neighbor's dog
I want to smash it in the head
I want to take a hammer to the fucking thing
until it's dead
I want to kill my neighbor's dog.

I wish that I could somehow
Break into her place and smash its face
I want to flay off all its skin
and throw salt on what remains
I want to kill my neighbor's dog.

fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck.

I fantasize all day about the ways
that I could kill this thing.
The fucking barking is incessant
and it's driving me iNsAne
I want to kill my neighbor's dog.

fuck. fuck. fuck. fuck. / I want to kill my neighbor's dog.
Track Name: Like I Need Oxygen
Oh, you know that you are something of a miracle.
Yes, you're certainly a wonder of the world.
And when you smile
And when we kiss (And when you sigh) (And when we touch)
I go wild.

Every time I see that smile, the crooked one, it drives me wild
And I wanna press your lips against mine.
So, kiss, kiss me on the lips, let me feel the curve of your beautiful hips
As you press your per fect form against mine.

Every time I hear your sigh, the little happy, breathy sigh
Well, lover, don't you know it drives me wild.
So sigh, sigh, lover sigh, let another out, you drive me wild
And I wanna show exactly why.

Every time you touch me, girl, I feel electric sparks, of that I'm sure
You light me up and fill me with a glow
So touch, touch, touch me dear, let me feel your body oh-so-near
And your electric touch, it's drives me wild.

I need you, like I need oxygen
Let me breath you in.


Chord Chart!

E7, A7
G#m C#m
F#m B7
Track Name: Slay All Cyborgs
We can't get any more connected.
Until we run tiny cables from our brain stems.
And we're growing so very disaffected.
They're amused, so amused, we amuse them.
And there's just no getting over this, there's just no single cure
There's a hive mind of vapid, base stupidity and it's pounding down our door.

Oh, the kids, the kids, they have become cyborgs.
And they're quietly freaking me out.
And they're quietly tearing things down.

We can't get away, there's no getting out.
There's no escape hatch other than shutting down.
But we've got so many distractions
Pretty lights illuminate new attractions.
So just let go and be a part of the dumbing down of all great art.
Here's another brand-new technology to replace your beating human heart.