Night Attack - Summer Movie Draft 2019

by Get Set Go

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AVENGERS: END GAME Captain America and Iron Man B to A (3x) Have a 1 in 12 million chance to C#m, E, B defeat Thanos
Toy Story 4 00:21
TOY STORY 4 Woody and Buzz and the little cowgirl (Capo 3) C, Am, F, G 2x And the dinosaur that we love F, G, C, F Perhaps we love that dinosaur F, G, C just a little bit too much But don't you worry, rest assured We're gonna love Toy Story 4.
FAST & FURIOUS PRESENTS: HOBBS & Imagine the Rock and Jason Statham F, D, Ab, C Sporting Vin Diesel hairdos One is name Calvin, the other's named Hobbes And they're driving around shooting things up Oh they're running around shooting things up Uh-huh-huh
Ugly Dolls 00:17
UGLY DOLLS Get ready for the animated, musical event of the year B, Ebm, E, C#m, Oh it's Ugly Dolls, they tell me it's Ugly Dolls, Abm, E, Ebm, E, B They assure me it's ugly, very fugly, ugly dolls .
Shaft 00:20
SHAFT Who's the black, private dick Fmaj7, Em7 That's a sex machine to all the chicks? Shaft! Ya damn right! And now he's got a son But is he still a sex machine to everyone? Ya damn right! Shaft!
THE LION KING Oom-bai-yoh, cha-cha-cha-ching C#, Abm, F#, F#m, The Lion King is the animated remake of C#, Ab, C#, Ab, F# and animated movie, mon The animated remake of an animated movie, mon.
JOHN WICK - CHAPTER 3 - PARABELLUM John Wick, he's looking pretty sick, A, F#m, B, E But he's still kicking ass around. John Wick, can't act to save his dick But he's still beatin' down the whole town Cause John Wick is the best Wick It's not a thick wick (Picture of a Sperm Whale) Hunt Now!
Hotel Mumbai 00:18
HOTEL MUMBAI B, Bbaug, A, Abaug Everybody go to your rooms, there's terrorists shooting up the place But don't you worry, don't you fret Don't forget we've go the very best in room service Hotel Mumbai!
GODZILLA KING OF MONSTERS Ama7, C#m, E, D, E, A Godzilla, Ghidorah, Gigan and Rodan Mothra, motherfucking Mothra! So why no Gamera? (spoken) They got all the monsters except the giant flying space turtle. Really?
Child's Play 00:29
CHILD'S PLAY Chucky's back and he's better than ever E, C, A Cause he's got technology He's got a red scanny thing And he can scan you and do evil things with those scans Cause he's Technological Chucky! Technological Chucky from hell.
CAPTAIN MARVEL D, F#m, Bm, A 2x Captain Marvel fell out of the sky G, A, D, Bm 3x To save the Earth from evil space guys A, D Thank you, Captain Marvel, for all you do for us We expect your cume to be 400 million plus Captain Marvel, we love you Even though we don't really know what you do Captain Marvel, you're just in time (monologue about how barely in time) Let's get in line. 2x
Ma 00:18
MA She started off nice, pimping us beer D, A, G, B, A And letting us hang out at her house D, Ab, F, G 3x push to F# But Ma be crazy Ma be crazy 2x
Pet Sematary 00:21
PET SEMATARY Gb(b9), D/A, B, Gb(b9) Pet Sematary, they're never quite scary But that's quite alright, 'cause our date tonight Is holding us close, and that's why we go.
A DOG'S JOURNEY Capo 3 According to A Dog's Journey dogs never die C, F, G, F 2x They keep coming back in new bodies G, F 2x Time after time G, F, Fm, (all rung out) C The come back as puppies, ready to run Ready to love and give And as a dog owner, there's never been a premise That's seemed more emotionally manipulative.
SPIDER-MAN Spider-Man, he's in good hands, finally Marvel has him back again I'm so happy that I can see a decent Spider-Man on the big screen Spider-Man, oh what a score, he's so much better than he's been before Now I hope, with all my heart, that Sony will partner on Fantastic Four (all octaves) Eb, Ab, F, Bb
Yesterday 00:20
YESTERDAY I don't want to like this movie but I'm sorry to admit A, F#m, E, D It's looking pretty good to me, it's looking pretty good It uses Beatles music and it looks pretty funny, oh Can I say it's tragic I'm its target demographic, Yesterday
Shazam 00:15
SHAZAM Ohmigod, can it be, that Warner Bros. made another decent C#, F#, Ab super-hero movie Ohmigod, say it's so. Shazam looks pretty good I might go and see it in the movie theatres.
The Curse Of La Llorona E, F, G 3x If you find you are cursed, La Llornoa, La Llorona E, F, E Then you must go to the church, La Llornoa, La Llorona And if they cannot lift the curse, La Llornoa, La Llorona Then you must die!
Hellboy 00:15
Hellboy E, A, F#m, B Hellboy, oh can you tell, boy, that he's a new boy? A, Am, E New and improved boy? He's the new and improved Hellboy.
Aladdin 00:16
Aladdin Oom-bai-yoh, cha-cha-cha-ching C#, Abm, F#, F#m, Aladdin is the live-action remake of C#, Ab, C#, Ab, F# and animated movie, mon The live-action remake of an animated movie, mon. (spoken: See, they don't have think about. They just copy themselves and so do I.)
THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 B, A, G, F#, E Is it me or does the dog Rooster sound suspiciously like Han Solo Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, The Secret Life Of Pets 2
Dark Phoenix 00:24
Dark Phoenix Am, F, G, C 2x Jean Grey whaddya say when you absorb some F, (ring out G), Am cosmic rays in space and suddenly you are all powerful. Jean Grey whaddya do when the friends that used to stand by you now stand against you Let's find out in the Dark Phoenix.
Long Shot 00:23
LONG SHOT Charlize Theron is so beautiful, she's so beautiful E, Abm, C#m, A She's so beautiful (spoken) And I think she's in a new movie. With some people. And they're doing stuff...but... Charlize Theron is so beautiful, she's so beautiful She's so beautiful
Us 00:22
US (capo 2) Something tells me that us is another allegory of the D, F#m, Bm, G, A, B black experience in America D, A, G And I hope it's really awesome.
It 00:15
IT Clowns are scary, everybody knows F#, Bbm, B, C# But this song, it's not scary, oh it's not scary Clowns are scary, everybody knows But listen to this song, it's not scary And fuck those scary clowns.
MEN IN BLACK INTERNATIONAL E, Abm, A, Thor and his Valkyrie friend reunite as Men C#m, B, A to Am In Black. Ooh-ooh-ooh!
Detective Pikachu E, C#m, A, B Remember that time when Deadpool climbed into The body of a muppet And he ran around with Will Smith's son, having fun in another movie. Well, this is that movie 3x Pokemon Detective Pikachu
Rocketman 00:18
ROCKETMAN Every musician starts somewhere, D, C#aug, Bm, G they all feel they have a calling A, Bm, C, D But every now and then, there's a rocket man Who achieves escape velocity.
The Hustle 00:17
THE HUSTLE As much as I love Dirty Rotten Scoundrels A, F#m, E, D, C#aug, I have to say, Anne Hathaway, Anne Hathaway, B, A Anne Hathaway.
Dumbo 00:23
DUMBO So you're telling me that this elephant of D, Am, G, D 4x maybe two hundred pounds G, A, D Can somehow flap his giant ears and take off from the ground. Maybe with some hollow bones and cybernetic ears But I think calling bullshit, I'm calling bullshit here Dumbo is what you think I am.


released March 6, 2019


all rights reserved



Get Set Go Austin, Texas

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