This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things

by Get Set Go

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Happiness 03:09
I'm skipping out on everything I'm just gonna stay Holed up in my bedroom now Each and every day I don't know what's wrong But I know I don't feel right Maybe tomorrow But I can't go out tonight. I'm turning off my telephone I don't wanna talk I'm taking off all my clothes Except maybe my socks I'm gonna stay in bed Until I feel much better I don't think I'm coming out I don't think I'll ever feel (chorus) Right again I think that I need Some happiness please Right again I know that I need Some happiness please. Some happiness would do me right. I don't know what time it is The shades have all been drawn And if I feel hunger pains I just wait until they're gone I think that I will sleep I've been sleeping through the day I'll sleep until I can say that I feel Written By: Mike TV
I've got too many songs that I don't know how to play If you give me fifteen minutes I will play them anyway Some will make you laugh And some will make you cry But none will make me money But I tell you that's alright Because I like to sing a brand new tune. There's nothing better I could do. And when I go And when I'm gone I will leave a hundred thousand songs For you. I gotta write a song but I don't know what to say So I'm gonna write some words sing 'em anyway Some will make you cringe Some will make you puke But none will make me money I'm telling you it's true that I like to sing a brand new tune. scooby dooby Written By: Mike TV
She's so sick of trying, she don't wanna try no more She's done with silly boys and all the ways they try to score Love is for the fools and idiots who think they're sure. Sure the sex is fun but he was hoping she would stay She's got a three day turnaround and then she's on her way He's not saying let's get married but can't they simply date? And that's why they're wont to say Oh that we're bound to break underneath the weight Of all the loneliness. The last time she was "in love", oh, was back in middle school Ever since those days she's followed just one basic rule You gotta live defensively, or you'll find yourself made the fool He's been with thirteens girls this year, a fact that makes him proud But he's never gone a month with one, he's never been allowed To call a girl his girlfriend, and that just gets him down. Written By: Mike TV
As I get older, I get dumber I think I'm gonna hide away this summer I'm afraid to say anything to anyone How did I get so effing dumb? I don't know much of anything And the more I read, it seems to me The less I know, there's no certainty The more I learn the less I know. I wish I knew Everything like you. I guess I'm dumb I'm just so dumb. I'm just so dumb. The deeper I dig the more it seems That there's layer upon layer of complexity Nothing's simple as it seems to be But maybe that's just how it appears to me. I wish I knew Everything like you. I don't want to be a dick But I just want to say Please believe anything you want Just don't believe it all over me. Written By: Mike TV
Easy Fix 03:00
Sometimes when I look around I feel very weak. There's so many poor about, so many on the street. But fortunately, there's a fix, and you can use it too It's called prescription drugs, they'll get you through. And when I hear that children have died By the hand of some madman And the world transforms into a place I don't understand Well, fortunately, there's a fix, and you can use it too It's called alcohol, it'll get you through. It's an easy world, if you got an easy fix All you need's an easy fix. And when I'm low and feeling down And no one is around And I feel like almost everyday, I'm just losing ground Well, fortunately, there's a fix, and you can use it too It's called crack cocaine, it'll fuck you up. And when I consider all the rampant avarice All the good that could be done, but instead we're getting rich Well fortunately, there's a fix, and you can use it all It's called heroin, it'll take control . It's an easy world, if you got an easy fix All you need's an easy fix.
Oh, my lover, let's make thunder Let us shake the firmament Let's steal away, and then in every way Let us move the earth until we both are spent. Oh, my lover, let's discover New and never traveled lands Let us hide away And let us never say What we've done or where we both have been. Oh, you are so beautiful to me. You're beautiful, my darling. Oh, my sweetness, let's get undressed Let us use our hands and mouths Oh, come on, my love The stars they shine above And this song I sing, I'm singing for you now. Oh, my heart is full to bursting Thirsting for your sweetest kiss And if I don't see Some sort sweet relief My body's gonna claim your perfect lips. Written By: Mike TV
It's motherfucking Christmas time. And I don't have a fucking dime. It doesn't matter anyhow 'Cause I've been feeling plenty down. I'm blue So what can I do? It's fucking Christmas time again Will this season never end? Every time I turnaround Christmas comes bearing down My god. Make it stop. I'm so tired of Christmas Fuck Christmas Fuck Christmas Fuck Christmas time I'm sick of all the Christmas cheer That permeates this time of year And I'm sick of Christmas songs I don't want to sing along I'm done I'm through Written By: Mike TV
We don't wanna get dressed We don't wanna go out We don't wanna get up We don't wanna get down We don't want to do it We can't get through it Oh no. We don't wanna be right We don't wanna look good We don't wanna work hard Or do what we should We don't wanna speak out We don't wanna be heard Oh no. We've done it all before A thousand times or more A thousands, oh, we have beat our heads against the wall. We've done it all before So tell us, if you're sure Just why we need to keep on, keep on, keep on keeping on. So we're taking back our lives We hope that you don't mind.... We don't wanna lifestyle We don't wanna career We don't wanna turn heads. We don't wanna bend ears. We just wanna turn down. We just wanna drop out. Uh-huh. (ring out) We don't wanna be friends We don't wanna play nice We don't wanna hold hands We don't wanna do right. We just want to be left alone. We just want to be left alone. Written By: Mike TV
I just don't understand The way you operate I just can't comprehend The things you do The things you say And every time we're good You gotta poke the bear I swear, I don't know why You always gotta poke the bear. Don't poke the bear. Here we go again. Another title match. I try to love you You're the itch I never seem to scratch. And every time we're fine You gotta poke the bear I swear, I don't know why You always gotta poke the bear. Don't poke the bear. (chorus) Really, really, really, really Are you kidding me? You're killing me, you're killing me Are you telling me That this is The way that It's gonna be Oh, really? Really? REally? Really? Oh, you're killing me. (bridge) Can't we just keep the peace, my dear? I don't want to fight. Can't we just make it through one single night Without fighting? Written By: Mike TV
I never wanted nothing That's exactly what I got The bills are all unpaid And the groceries ain't been bought But I don't mind, cause I survive on Pretty melodies Songs they are my sustenance Oh, I don't need to eat. Oh, I will sing my way out of here. Oh, I will sing my way out of here And when they come to look for me My bones oh, they'll still be singing. My hair is growing brittle And my teeth are getting loose My lungs are filled with fluid And my eyes are just no use I don't remember hunger Oh, it seems so long ago That I tasted something other Than all the songs I know Oh, it's not so long ago that I was just like you living as you do Oh, f you live to sing you gotta eat your dreams you gotta eat your dreams to survive The end is getting nearer Oh, my song will soon be through But there will be another Who will sing a song for you. And don't you ever worry That she's choking on her dreams 'Cause you gotta learn to eat 'em If you really wanna sing Written By: Mike TV
The spirits in the bottle, oh they've been possessing me. But I don't need no exorcist, oh, I'll just leave 'em be 'Cause I'm getting high Yeah, I'm getting high On a Friday night. The demons of the daylight well, I gotta ward them off. So the spirits in the bottle I send marching on and on Yeah, I'm getting high. Oh, I'm getting high. On a Friday night. (chorus) And I don't need no friends tonight I'm gonna tie one on. So don't you try to look for me Don't call. And soon enough the demons, well, they will all be gone The spirits in the bottle drowned them all. The spirits in the bottle, oh, they just make so much sense And every time I take a hit, I'm shooting for the fence Yeah I'm getting high Oh, I'm getting high On a Friday night. (chorus) (breakdown) So, come on, spirits, come on, take me into your loving arms There's no need for worry, yeah, you keep me safe from harm Yeah, I'm getting high Oh, I'm getting high On a Friday night. Written By: Mike TV
He's forty feet if he's a foot To take him down we'll be hard put But this is what we do you see Oh, we slay giants don't we, you and me? Yes we do, we topple them, We clip their knees and bash their heads And cut those bastards down to size We make 'em weep, We make 'em run 'n hide. Oh, we're a mighty pair And giants everywhere Run in fear and piss their pants Oh, we slay giants. But is this one a bit too tall He towers over one and all Oh, maybe we should let him go Let someone else take up the mantle. Oh, come my love, never fear There's never been a giant here That you and I can't overcome You hit him low, I'll take him from above. So let the battle be joined And though there will be terrible noise And the earth will shake And the buildings will quake We will see victory Written By: Mike TV
Painkiller 03:34
Sitting around, playing another chord Writing a song 'cause that's all that I can afford now I'm so fucking poor now. Don't got no heat, the gas man took that from me I cannot eat 'til I get some more money somehow What will I do now? And the rent is due next week. And I can't afford to eat. And I'm looking pretty thin. And my ship ain't coming in. I'm sick of rice but that's all we got tonight A bowl of white rice, alright, and maybe some water. Oh, they turned off our water. Oh, I'm so fucking poor. I don't go out, I don't try to see my friends I can't afford to spend time with any of them I got no money to spend. So, here I sit, writing another song Too bad I can't sell it to anyone Oh, I'm gonna cry And the rent is due next week. And I can't afford to eat. And I'm looking pretty thin. And my ship ain't coming in. I'm guess right now, I gotta play in the dark The power is off and I don't know when I'll get it on. I can't afford to turn it on. Oh, I'm so fucking poor. Hey, diddle dee, it seems perfect to me that all the world 'roud Should get my music for free. Oh, I don't need a single thing. No, I don't need a single thing. Written By: Mike TV
There's nothing to do There's nowhere to go There's no one around At least no one I know. I'd stare at the wall But I've seen it before All my books have been read Twenty-two times or more. I think I'm sorta freaking out. I just found bump On the back of my head It's probably cancer In a month I'll be dead Oh, jeezy c I found another one too And where did I get This mysterious bruise? I think I'm sorta freaking out. I'm not so good at hanging out with my self I'm not so good at hanging out with my self I wish I could be hanging out with someone else. I'm not so good, I'm not so good At being alone. What is this pain Deep in my chest? Is my heart gonna stop? Should I lay down and rest? And what did I say To those people last night? Should I be ashamed? Did I act alright? I think I'm sorta freaking out. I wish I was, I wish I was, I wish I was Somewhere with you. I think that I'll try To write me a song It'll probably suck But it'll move time along I just washed all my socks And my underwear too Now there's only six hours Til I getta see you. Written By: Mike TV
I never wanted this And now I don't know how to fix The holes that let the water in And I don't have the skill, nor all the tools to fix the holes, The water pools around my feet I watch the water rise. But I look out and see The sun as it sets for me It's beautiful, as I take it in. But I look out and see The sun setting for me It's beautiful, but not as beautiful as you. The water now is at my chin Too bad I never learned to swim The cold it stings and takes my breath away. My heart, it pounds, I want to live My breathing hurts, the water wins And I slip beneath the waves. But I look out and see The sun as it sets for me It's beautiful, there's nothing I can do. I look out and see The sun setting for me. It's beautiful, but ot as beautiful as you. The water fills my lungs and I Don't have the strength, I just can't fight Into the icy depths I succumb As I descend even deeper still A warmth appears from inside the chill And suddenly I don't feel numb. So, I look out and see Darkness, surrounding me But I don't care. I'm thinkin of you. Written By: Mike TV
The kids are in the back Smoking crack is best with black The widows weep for loved ones That are never coming back But Mr. Operator operates like a machine And everyone is everyone it seems. Fear is now the thing That everyone must bring Everyone must bring some to the party in the Spring It's lovely in the winter But it's better in July Fear it takes the best of us by rights. And they've come for us this time. And no one here is getting out alive. And so we watch, amused And someone cheers, they always cheer. They've come for us all. The band it plays as we're pushed against the wall. Cigarette are lit, and someone cheers. The stones we love to throw Are sold in red and gold We hurl them 'gainst the heads of the young and very old. We're never quite as accurate as we pretend to be And everyone is everyone it seems. Up we go, high as a balloon Buffeted by circumstance and old nostalgia tunes We're gonna reach the top, everyone will all be there A million dollars make a millionaire. Written By: Mike TV
Hulk Smash 03:02
Lately, I've been feeling angry. All my life has turned to shit I wonder what to do with it Lately, I've been feeling angry. Lately, I've been feeling low. What to do I just don't know. Lately, I've been feeling low. I'm so tired of feeling down. Any pick me up I want around. Lately, I've been feeling broken. So much shit is left unspoken. Lately, I've been feeling broken. There's so much I gotta say But no one's listening anyway. Written By: Mike TV
Boston worked at a book store since nineteen eighty five He was a fan of all things Tom Robbins of whom he would often recite "Love is the ultimate outlaw," he would declare to his two cats at night And then he'd lay down to read by his bedside light. There was a boy back in the 90's, a boy Boston couldn't escape The smell of his hair as they were putting books away Well, he remembers that smell to this day Love is the ultimate outlaw, but Boston couldn't break any rules So, he never said nothing and nothing made him its fool. (Chorus) He doesn't feel alone. Not anymore. He's got his cats and books. And he gives them pets and then escapes into a better world. Boston is now so much older than he ever thought he would be Funny how time creeps up on you, wasn't he just seventeen And here is in that very same aisle, thinking of that boy and his hair It's too late for regrets he's gotta get the staff outta here (chorus) So sweet dreams, Boston Bremmer Tomorrow is another day. Full of prose and promise, oh-oh. Full of new memories to be made. (chorus) Written By: Mike TV
This is a song, I wrote yesterday A song about nothing To pass the time away Oh, hey I can't escape These lonesome days. These are the words, I simply wrote to fill Another verse of nothin' Oh, you know I'm feelin' ill And I, Need a little high 'Cause I've been low. (chorus) And there's nothing in my head And the silence rushes in And the breeze is cool as I am falling. This is a song, yet another song So many songs, no one can sing 'em all Oh, hell, I might as well Just tear it up. So, pass the bottle round, let's put another down Let's pick up our guitars and never put 'em down Oh, I Need a little high 'Cause I've been low. Time it stops as the penny drops down, drops down All thoughts pop As the penny drops down, and down Written By: Mike TV
So Damn Poor 01:30
We're never gonna win Oh, we'll never get it right We're never getting out And we're barely getting by So we're never ever gonna do another thing That we can't afford to do. The car's breaking down The money's getting low The days are speeding up The Internet is slow There's nothing in the world that we can do So nothing's what we'll do. Oh, there went our last old tired dream The world is tough, much tougher than it seems When you're poor, oh, so damn poor We're so damn poor. We cannot pay the bills Collectors at the door Even though we work Forty hours 'r more. Never have ever had a penny to our name That someone else didn't claim. And should we buy booze To drown all our woe The government says Son, you gotta slow Oh, don't you know that the money that you blow Is money that belongs to us. Written By: Mike TV
I can feel the sick Collecting in my bones The hours are shortening And there is no one ever home. There's sand in my shoes I pour it out for days The sand is black as night and it glitters like the rain. The angels gather round tearing off their clothes Never before have I wanted angels so. And I'm holding on, yes I'm holding on so tightly And I never want to let go. Oh, I'm holding on so tightly And the sun is shining brightly And I wonder is this how it goes? And the sky clears, and it's all cheers As the stars sing with me. And the band plays, oh, the band plays And the crowds shout and scream. Silent is the night As brittle as old bones. The fire is not warm And there's no one ever home. Crawling out the back Through the window in my head Someone says a word And the heart beats blood again. Written By: Mike TV
Today is an ordinary day In an ordinary world With ordinary boys Leaving ordinary girls. Today is just another day A day that hurts so bad A day like all the rest A day of heartbreak and sadness. Oh, I don't feel it anymore I've been inured Oh, I've been inured. But I don't know just what to say I've said enough. I've said too much. Let me run away To you To you. Today is a very normal day In a very normal world With very normal boys Breaking very normal girls. Today is another broken day. A day of hurtful things. A day of bitter words Another day of hating everything. But I don't want to anymore. I'm just so tired. I'm so very tired. How do I mend my broken life. God knows I've tried. Lord knows I've tried. Written By: Mike TV
I know that things will never be okay Some things are broken and they stay that way I've made my peace with this and now I pray That I will survive. Some things are beautiful to me alone And in that moment, oh, they've got a glow I'm filled with something like love, you know And I, don't mind this life. Oh, I dig the littlest of things. A fresh guitar pick Or a brand new pack of strings The way my girl likes to play along with me. It's the little things. I feel much older than I ever have. I've known more sadness than feeling glad. But there's a strange pleasure in feeling sad So just back off. I think I'm doing pretty well, I guess. Sure, my finances are in a mess. But-I-get to hang out with my best friend And we, we get to sing. Let's dance the two step, though I don't know how Let's grab our bowling balls and knock pins down Let's watch Netflix til we both konk out Let's eat, and drink, and sing. It's the little things. Written By: Mike TV
I don't give a damn what you think you gotta say My living's hard enough without dealing with your rage I just think I need to take a break I need to take a break. Seriously, man, can't we just pretend to be The adults that we are, without the need to vent your spleen I just think you need to take a break You need to take a break. (chorus) With so much invective and narrow perspectives Talking to you isn't fun. So much acrimony just makes you seems phony I'm serious, you're too fucking much. You're just too much. Here we go again, with another diatribe. Fuck me in the ass, I don't think I will survive. Jesus Christ, oh, please just kill me now. Please just kill me now Motherfucker, please, won't you just turn off your mouth. Seriously please, can't you fucking cut it out. Everything about you brings me pain. It's always just the same. (chorus) (bridge) Yes, sometimes vitriol is fun But seriously, bro, You gotta let it go. Why not try simply being kind Or opening your mind It's not that hard It's not that hard. I don't give a damn what you think you gotta say My living's hard enough without dealing with your rage I just think I need to take a break I need to take a break
The smokes have all been smoked. The beers have all been drained And we remain, the last ones standing In a sleeping world We need for nothing now And now we must go home But something keeps us here It's very clear, that we are waiting for Something else, something we can't define. It's time to go home. (chorus) Yet we linger Here in silence. Nothing's going on. Pregnant pauses Filled with meaning Carry us along. And we know there's never gonna be A you and me. The days they get away. The days are always moving fast At last, we don't feel nothing Til we meet again under the same night sky. And what we thought was dead Was only sleeping in our hearts We start with pleasant conversation But the words they die, and you and I remain. Oh, we must go, oh In a different world, At a different time With a different set of circumstances. Written By: Mike TV
Booze 03:17
The drunken tirades. The slamming of doors. The things that you say That hurt me And hurt me some more. Can't you be cool? The way that you scream And shove me away The insults you hurl As tomorrow becomes today. Can't you be cool? Oh, I Just want To love you Oh, please don't make it so hard. The fury and rage That then turns to tears. The weeping that then becomes A litany of unrealized fears. Can't you be cool? The glass is half empty. But it's always, always near full. The booze is a constant that you can Never quite rule. Oh, I Just want To love you Oh, please don't make it so hard. Written By: Mike TV
Gumdrops and lollipops and chocolate covered candy canes Rainbows, and cheerios, and tootsie rolls fall like rain I'm so hap, hap, happy, I'm so fucking happy hey I'm so goddamn happy now, won't you go away-ay-ay? I'm so fucking happy that I'll puke away the day I'm so very happy that I think I'm going gay. (chorus) La, la, la, la are you happy too? La, la, la, la what is wrong with you? La, la, la, la it's another happy day. La, la, la, la won't you come out and play Hey, let's scare those blues away Puppy dogs and singing frogs and unicorns riding bikes. Sunday funnies and fluffy bunnies and everything else I like. I'm so hap, hap, happy, I'm so happy don't you know? I'm so goddamn happy now, won't you fucking go-oh-oh-oh I'm so fucking happy that I'll punch you in the nose. Electrocute your genitals until your eyeballs glow. (chorus) (bridge) Baby, are you blue? I'm so hap, hap, happy, I'm so happy I could cry. I'm so fucking happy, I'm so happy all the ti-i-i-me. I'm so gosh darn happy, but I'm not gonna lie. I'm so very happy, I'm so happy I could die. Written By: Mike TV
I got a new religion It ain't no superstition Oh, I'm a new believer And I've got the faith. And everywhere's my temple And it's so effing simple I love my new religion And I just can't wait. (chorus) Some, they walk in the light. And others, they live by the knife. (repeats) But I'm just living for you. Living as your lover There can be no other Living my religion of you. (2) Some, they live for the coin And others, they build or destroy (3) Some they give all they got And others give much less than alot. (4) Some they take and they take And others they shake til break. I sing a halleluah I send my love right to ya I get down on my knees And I worship you, dear. I'm gonna be much better I guess I'm like the weather Sometimes I bring the rain Sometimes the storms appear. (Chorus) I got a new religion It ain't no science fiction I worship at the temple Of you, my dear. I got a new religion It ain't no superstition Oh, I'm a new believer In you, my dear. Written By: Mike TV
Head on collisions are sexy But gun shots are sexier still We can't quite follow the money But we know it all ends in thrills We have never been so entertained. Liars are highly in fashion And haters are fashiony too Celebrate the rich for their money Let's watch and see what they do. We have never been so entertained. The story goes dumb dumb dumb blah blah blah In high definition oh we take in it all The heart-ache, the head-ache The missteps, the mistakes The woe and the vitriol The story goes dumb dumb dumb blah blah blah The captains don't speak our language The masters are making us slaves The mothers are churning out porn stars The fathers are doing the same We have never been so entertained We're trying, we're trying, we're trying uh-huh Written By: Mike TV
"I think I love you more today than I have ever loved anybody," She said to him while he was fast asleep. She brushed the hair from his eyes And wondered why she could only speak Words of love when he was fast asleep. (chorus) Oh, there's something about love That's so terrifying Her heart wants surrender Her head keeps denying all her love. "I think I love you more today than I have ever loved anybody," He said to her on Tuesday of last week. She kept herself very still And she pretended that she was asleep. She listened to the rhythmn as he breathed. (chorus) Oh, there's something about love That's so terrifying Her heart wants surrender Her head keeps denying all her love. (bridge) Oh, she knows she's far too young To think about love, she's far too young for love. Oh, she knows she's far too wise To fall for silly lies Even if they come From the heart. Written By: Mike TV
Misery loves company, and company is fine But I prefer to be alone when I find that I'm doing time. I don't fish and I don't hunt but I do eat my kills. I wash them down with novacaine and a big handful of pills. We are alone every day of our lives. Some carry flowers and others bear knives, Don't we? Oh, we know we all are looking pretty cool. Let's all break the rules, rules, rules. Light one up and pass it round. I stood up but I'm down, down, down If I had a number it would be much less than nil So pass the open bottle here and hand over the pills. My trying days are over, oh, all my tryin's done Now I'm here to make some noise and have a little fun. Written By: Mike TV
Sit down and let me tell you a story. This is a song about two friends. Two friends of mine, whose story now begins. Let's go back 8 years ago To Missoula, Montana, oh, knee deep in the snow Oh, let's let them tell the story. We first met doing local theatre Putting on productions for drama connoisseurs It began simple at first Little conversations as we rehearsed But things began to change Oh, we saw in each other some things. Oh, were we falling in love? We would talk for hours at a time Never had we met somebody so sublime There were little things that proved our feelings right Little things that we could not deny. Oh, we began to change. As we saw in each other new things. Oh, we were falling in love. So, let the world bring it on. Through each other, oh, we are strong. So let the world bring it on. Bring it on. We lived together, right from the start. And in the beginning, oh, things were quite hard. Our apartment had nothing, Oh, nothing at all And while Curtis worked, oh, Heidi did school. But things, they never changed. No matter how tough things became. We had fallen in love. And now oh, we're married. With a house and two dogs. And our friend, Mike TV He can visit when he wants. So, come sing for us Written By: Mike TV
Jesus Christ, oh, help me brother Won't you heed my call? I surprised another lover Nailed her to the wall. The fire's got me now. I'm never climbing out. The flames they burn, I'm slowly dying. And oh, The fire's cooked my goose I'm never turnin' loose The flames they burn, I'm slowly burning Yes, I'm burning Oh, I'm burning now watch me burn. Someone save me from my folly I've been calling out. Some take breaks but I've been all in From the start til now. Written By: Mike TV
1, 2, 3, 4 I think I need a little more 5, 6, 7, 8 Don't got enough today Alright? I just gotta get by. 1, 2, 3, 4 Can you share a little more I just need one or two A couple more to see me through Alright? Gonna make me right. Oh, the pills they make my Troubles go away And I know nothing better than spending all my days Up, in the clouds Where the sun is always out And while I'm there, I forget I must fall 1, 1, 1, 1 I think I need another one Anybody got something, Anybody, anyone? Alright Just to get me by. 5, 6, 7, 8 I just need to kill the pain Anybody, anything? Come on, baby, kill my pain. Alright?! Gotta make me right. Oh, can you spare A vicadin? Or an oxycodone, maybe, baby Oh, I got such pain Make it go away. I'll take anything, I will. Written By: Mike TV
Fog 03:33
Everybody hurts Everybody bleeds Everybody needs someone upon which they can lean. Everyone gets lost. It happens all the time. The only thing to do is burn and hang a guiding light. And then you wait and hope that they return. Oh, keep the fires lit Oh, make those fires burn. Written By: Mike TV
Everything is moving to the beat of a drum That's beating much faster than you'd ever want And you can't keep up, it's killing you now And the things that you do don't matter anyhow And you break down. Oh, you break down. 2x The wheels are smoking and the gears are hot And a fire breaks out more often than not But everything's racing to the beat of a drum A drum that's pushing, pushing everyone. And you break down. Oh, you break down. 2x (bridge) And you feel so much shame Cause the pace, you can't sustain You put out the fires Reconnect the wires And get it going again (2x in the outro) Til it beaks down Til you break down (til it breaks down 2nd time) Oh you break down (oh, it breaks down 3rd time) Yeah, you break down (yeah, yeah it breaks down 3rd time) Alright (end bridge) The bosses need a little bit more from you So they pour on the gas and whaddya do But you pick things up, even faster now The metal is burning and the engine's blown out And you break down. (bridge) Hurry, hurry, hurry, is all they say Oh, everybody hurries all through the day The metal on metal is starting to melt The gears are sparking, sparks flying about And you break down. Oh, you break down. Yeah, you break down. Oh, you break down.
Constance hated her name. "It's a fat girl's name," she'd complain. Even though she was big She didn't want to advertise. But Connie never quite fit So, Constance just stuck with it Yet another life compromise And everybody said that she could really sing. She could really belt it out. But she didn't like to get in front of people Especially crowds. But everybody said that she could really sing Oh, she could really hit those notes. She sang with the fury of her lonely heart, I suppose. Oh, Constance sing, another lonely song Driving in your car. Constance worked in a shop Selling coffee to off-duty cops. And sometimes an officer would flirt with her. And then she would go red From her chin to the top of her head And she'd escape to the bathroom, just to catch her breath. Written By: Mike TV
Everybody hurts somebody, everybody makes somebody cry Even if you don't try. Everybody lies a little, little lies to make it through the day There just ain't no other way. (chorus) And everybody casts shadows when they're shining bright. And the darker the shadows the brighter the light Let it come down. Let it come down. Let it come down. Everybody bleeds somebody, everybody needs a little blood Bleedin' toughens you up. Everybody hurts their bodies, everybody does a little harm So don't be alarmed. So when your tossing stones at heretics at lunatics Just know, that there's someone with a stone for you. And when you're setting fire to infidels they burn so well Just know, the fire, oh, that pretty fire, well it's comin' for you. Written By: Mike TV
The time for revolution's come and gone. The autocrats are kicking back, loving that we don't get along. We got it wrong. This just ain't a struggle for our souls. It's a struggle for our hours and who keeps control Of 'em all. We got it wrong. And everyone, we think we're right, We think we know it all. But let me tell you We done got it wrong. We celebrate our ignorance, hurray. We ignore the science, cause science has no say, In any any way. They got it wrong. We're meaner than we've ever been before. And we're just getting meaner as we settle all our scores We love to score. W e got it wrong. We're dead wrong. Written By: Mike TV
Miss Susie had a hatchet that she swung with some aplomp She hacked away at everything til everything was gone She hacked away Til everything was gone. Little Eddie Dinker was mocked for his odd name So he grabbed a bat and he bashed out all the brains of everyone. Look at everyone's brains. The brains of everyone. Look at everyone's brains. Molly was a nudist, she never wore no clothes But everybody knew she was naked under those old clothes. Under those old clothes. We cling to this rock Like ticks on a dog We scurry and worry and shove things along. We cling to this rock And hope for the best I hope for the best. Do you hope for the best? Stevie was a stevedore who stole many things He never made anything but he had many rings, they're made of gold. They're made of solid gold. Sally sold her seashells, two for a buck The seashore was booming and Sally was in luck At least for now She was selling seashells. Peter picked peppers, he picked them in pecks. But people didn't want the peppers that he picked. He picked 'em well. But they weren't seashells. Written By: Mike TV
I know that we've been around But I don't wanna get you down I only want you to smile. But the devil, he gets into me And suddenly all I see Is nothing but wide-open miles. But I've run to exhaustion There's nowhere for me to go I'm done with running, darlin' Don't you know? Oh, lover, I am stuck on you Like bubblegum gets stuck on shoes I'm in your hair and never climbing out. Oh, lover, I am into you Like subway trains That pull into The station when you desperately need one. Oh, I'm in love. Oh, I'm in love with you. Every morning we get up Together we're just enough To kick ass and take all the names. Cause waking up next to you Is all I really wanna do Darlin', do you feel the same? Oh, I feel that your in me Like a tapeworm made of love And for that tapeworm, I thank god above. Written By: Mike TV


This album was recorded in Mike TV's home studio in Austin, TX.


released September 22, 2017

Written, performed, produced, recorded, mixed, & mastered by Mike TV.


all rights reserved



Get Set Go Austin, Texas

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